Devil May Cry 2 Lucia Disc PS2 GAME ISO

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Devil May Cry 2 Lucia Disc PS2 GAME ISO – Sebuah game action hack and slash, game ini merupakan salah satu game yang populer di PS2 dulu, game ini sekarang bisa kamu mainkan di PC dan Laptop kamu, dengan bantuan PS2 Emulator, PCSX2.

Devil May Cry 2 Lucia Disc PS2 GAME ISO


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Download Devil May Cry 2 Lucia Disc PS2 GAME ISO, In Devil May Cry 2, the player guides either Dante or Lucia through an urban environment, fighting groups of monsters in fast-paced combat. The game consists of missions with specific goals in the play area of the game itself. The player’s performance in each mission is ranked from D (poor/”Don’t Worry”) to S (excellent/”Showtime”) based on the time taken to complete the mission, the amount of Red Orbs collected, the overall “style” displayed during fights, item usage, and damage taken. In contrast to the rest of the gameplay, the style judging system used in the game has been cited as being the harshest in terms of how it judges the player’s performance.
Combat itself is based on the “style” the player demonstrates during a fight. The rating the player gains for style is improved by hitting enemies continuously while avoiding damage. This ranges from “Don’t Worry”, progressing to “Come On!”, “Bingo”, “Are You Ready?” and peaking at “Showtime”. If the character takes damage, the style rating falls back to “Don’t Worry”

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Cara Memainkan Devil May Cry 2 Lucia Disc di PC :

  1. Download file dari link diatas
  2. Download Emulator PS2 [PCSX2 v1.4.0]
  3. Extrak file dengan Winrar
  4. Jalankan Emulatornya
  5. Pilih Devil May Cry 2 Lucia Disc.ISO
  6. Selamat bermain Devil May Cry 2 Lucia Disc di PC !!!

Devil May Cry 2 Lucia Disc PS2 GAME ISO