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Jeanne d’Arc PSP GAME

By On Minggu, Agustus 16th, 2015 Categories : PSP GAME, RPG

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The player controls Jeanne and her party, moving them between major cities and features on a semi-historical map of France. Most new locations will lead to cutscenes and battles. Select points on the map are cities, allowing the player to shop for improved weapons, armor, and skills; other locations offer skirmish matches not part of the main story but allowing the player to improve their characters through battle. Each character and enemy has an affinity to one of three phases; Sol, Luna and Stella, each which have strengths and weaknesses against the other phases, in a manner similar to rock, paper, scissors. For example, Sol is stronger against Stella, but weaker against Luna. Each character also has a number of skill slots; skill gems that can be purchased, won in battle, or produced by combining other gems together. These skills can improve a character’s stats or bestow offensive, defensive, or recovery skills.


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Jeanne d’Arc PSP GAME

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Jeanne d’Arc PSP GAME | R Setya | 4.5