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Players assume the role of Daniel Lamb in third-person perspective while at some points they instead control the villain Leo Kasper. Although different in appearance and personality, both have similar controls. As with the original game, the primary gameplay mechanic is stealth execution, whereby the player character must approach an enemy from behind, undetected, and kill them.
There are three ‘levels’ of execution, with each level progressively more violent and graphic than the last; Level 1 executions are quick and not very bloody, Level 2 are considerably more gory, and Level 3 are over-the-top. The player is entirely in control of which level they use; once the player has locked onto an enemy, the lock-on reticule changes color over time to indicate the level; white (level 1), yellow (level 2), and, finally, red (level 3).


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Manhunt 2 PSP GAME

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