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Yo-Kai Watch is a role-playing video game where the player searches around Springdale for Yo-Kai using the 3DS’ touchscreen. Players befriend Yo-Kai by giving them a food that they like before beginning battle, and after defeating the Yo-Kai it approaches the player character and gives them its Yo-Kai Medal, allowing it to be summoned at will. Yo-Kai can also be acquired through an in game Gasha Machine by collecting in-game coins or using Play Coins. Certain Yo-Kai are necessary for completing the game’s main quest, and special rare Yo-Kai are acquired through various subquests. Yo-Kai have the capability to evolve into more powerful versions of themselves if they reach a certain level, or they can evolve by combining with particular items or other Yo-Kai. The Yo-Kai are divided amongst eight different classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. There are also Legend Yo-Kai that can only be obtained by collecting a particular set of Yo-Kai listed in the Yo-Kai Medallium, a compendium of the different Yo-Kai the player has encountered or befriended.


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Yo-Kai Watch USA 3DS GAME [.CIA]

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